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JORDAN: Search and Rescue operation

On 20th March 2023, one tourist boat was carrying 18 passengers + 1 crew and was sailing back to yacht club Marina.​ During the passage, the boat’s engine broke down and the boat was deemed NOT UNDER COMMAND and started drifting to shallow water.​ Aqaba Port Control (JMC) received the Mayday call (Distress Alert) by VHF working Ch. 77 (RT Call).​

Aqaba Port Control (JMC) called back the boat and started gathering required information (some are in the logbook) if changed.​ After confirming the position of the boat and fixing its position on the ENC (Time Zero Programme), Aqaba Port Control (JMC) reported the situation to the Royal Jordanian Navy Force – operations center to perform the rescue operation.​

RJNF sent rescue team boats including the medical team and safety team to the scene.​ 19 persons were rescued and transferred to a shelter and medical services were provided as required.​

The boat was towed to a safe place until the engine is repaired.

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