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CRIMARIO: Using IORIS to strengthen Maritime Domain Awareness in the region

The Critical Maritime Routes Indo-Pacific (CRIMARIO) I project was established in 2015 and has contributed to enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) through information sharing, capacity building and training in the Indo-Pacific Region, with a particular focus on the Djibouti Code of Conduct – Jeddah Amendment (DCoC-JA) member states, looking into maritime challenges in the Western Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden.

Since the success of CRIMARIO I, the European Union decided to extend the project’s geographical reach to interconnect the Indo-Pacific through CRIMARIO II (2020-2025, extending its mandate. In this second phase, the project pursues two main objectives:

  1. Enhancing information exchange and analysis, and crisis/incident management;
  2. Strengthening inter-agency cooperation in maritime surveillance, policing, investigation, and judicial matters hence proactively contributing to maritime security and safety in the DCoC region and beyond.

For the success of the project’s implementation, CRIMARIO has been developing the IORIS platform, a flagship initiative built for maritime coordination and communications, coupled with extensive training programmes on maritime data processing in the region.

Dave Nattrass speaks during the DCoC Best Practices on Information Sharing Workshop – 13-17th March 2022

The IORIS platform has gained momentum and is now being used in many DCoC (JA) countries separately as a contribution to the implementation of the DCoC (JA) and its objectives, and CRIMARIO has offered the IORIS platform to the DCoC (JA) free of charge to enhance information exchange in the region, strengthen interagency cooperation and contribute to a common maritime situational awareness to tackle maritime risks and challenges.

Since the last DCoC (JA) High-Level Meeting held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from 22nd to 24th November 2022, Signatory States have agreed on a one-year trial of the IORIS platform. With that, the countries have free access to the training and operational platform, dedicated IORIS training and capacity-building activities linked with the platform, namely exercises. 

CRIMARIOII works closely with the DCoC (JA) being a member of the ‘Friends of the DCoC’ and participating in working groups and high-level meetings.

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